Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eminent People of the Society on the Dais

Shri Mathurbhai Savani, Shri Kanubhai Patel, Shri Parthibhai Bhatol,
Shri A. J. Shah, Shri Asit Mehta and Shri Laljibhai Patel

Three Generations to Gether

Shri Vasant Mehta, Shri Asit Mehta and Shri Arpan Mehta

Book Inauguration

Shri Vasant Mehta launching the  book,
‘Dl thi Dil ni seva’- The Hospital’s  Journey of Ten Years

Lighting The Divine Lamp

Shri Asit Mehta, Shri Parthi Bhatol, Shri A. J . Shah and
Shri Laljibhai Patel lighting the lamp at the camp

Heartfelt Welcome

The Real Diamond’- Shri  Asit Mehta being warmly welcomed

Warm Welcome

The Senior Mehta being warmly welcomed


Patients waiting for their turn Patients waiting for
their turnPatients waiting for their...

Welcoming With Love

Shri Parthi Bhatol being warmly welcomed 

Respect The Elders

Collector of Surat Shri A. J.  Shah felicitating  Shri Vasant Mehta 


Shri Asit Mehta being felicitate by collector Shri A. J, Shah

Lighter Moments

Shri Vasant Mehta and Shri Asit Mehta sharing delightful moments with
Shri Parthi Bhatol- Chairman of GCMMF